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Field to offer the best legal

Posted by on 26. July 2019

Pradaxa which is UPVC Octagonal Ball Valve Company a blood thinning prescription medicine helps reduce chances of blood clots and strokes in people with atrial fibrillation not resulting from heart valve problem. The Pradaxa attorneys from 1800 Law Firm have already helped many people with their lawsuits beings filed against the company.

The 1800 Law Firm has been trusted for years because of their expertise in different legal fields and continues to be the favorite choice of different clients. It is always a big loss when a person loses someone from their family that too because of the irresponsibility shown by some company.

The 1800 Law Firm has been in the legal business for over a long period of time and very much capable of handling legal matters efficiently. Southfield, Michigan, 19/02/2013 – The Pradaxa lawsuits continue to rise in the United States with nearly one hundred and seventy lawsuits being filed. If the client has full faith on the attorney then it makes the job easier for the attorney to help the client from all fronts. The attorneys from 1800 Law Firm understand that situation and offer their help every step of the way to bring their clients with the best possible outcome.

The Pradaxa attorneys from 1800 Law Firm are highly experienced and have adequate knowledge in this field to offer the best legal help to their clients. The seller of this drug, Boehringer Ingelheim has been accused of selling the drug despite knowing the fact that it could cause serious problem inpatients and even death.

Despite all these measures, people who have already used the drug are suffering a lot and the reason behind so many Pradaxa lawsuits. The Client Services Manager from 1800 Law Firm offers expert guidance to the clients without the need to pay any additional cost. The 1800 Law Firm specializes in Pradaxa lawsuits and offers the best legal solutions to people who are suffering from the use of this drug.

The company offers affordable legal solutions so as to make sure that clients do not find it difficult to experience some really legal services. Recently, the FDA has introduced a Drug Safety Communication to be added to the Pradaxa label. it is not easy to take care of all the legal matters if the health is not permitting and that is the reason these attorneys put in their best effort to help clients with all their requirements. The 1800 Law Firm believes in the fact that trust is the most important factor when it comes to legal help. The company has a team of some the best legal attorneys who are renowned for their excellent legal advices and help. The lawsuits are filed by plaintiffs who have suffered a lot from the usage of this drug. However, the drug has been alleged to cause injuries like brain hemorrhaging, kidney bleeding, gastrointestinal bleeding, internal bleeding, cardiac injury and death.